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The Plymire-Schwarz House and Museum began its life in 1906 as the first hospital in San Mateo County, California.  It was established by Dr. H.G. Plymire and also served as his home. 

Since then it has undergone many changes, the last of which was a private residence of Ernst and Marguerite Schwarz.  In 1994, the house was deeded to the South San Francisco Historical Society by the Estate of Mrs. Schwarz - with the condition that, along with maintaining the house, her husband's paintings be cared for.

The Steering Committee of the SSF Historical Society now opens the house to schools, businesses, and the general public as an example of an early 20th century home.  We hope to capture the essence of what life was like in the early 1900’s and also to preserve examples of furniture, photographs, local culture and history in a unique, educational and enjoyable manner. 

At its prime, South San Francisco  was a thriving industrial center and a desirable community. We hope to help preserve that memory through The Plymire-Schwarz House and Museum.

Historical Society of South San Francisco

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